PUMA – Re:Paul Janka

PUMA called me last night to ask about Pual Janka’s ebook.  I had recommended it…since her business (and blog) have to do with adapting Pickup tactics to sales and marketing, and the daygame environment -Janka’s preffered environment- and the use of  concepts like “movie trailer” and “pipelining” are definitely applicable.

PUMA:  “I Can’t imagine…do women really come back to men’s apartments that easily?”

Me: “Yes.  They want to get caught up in the moment like anyone else.”

Puma: “But they met him for 90 seconds, and based on texting (he doens’t call) they meet him at his apartment.”

Me:  “He is attractive & Harvard educated, has strong game, and is pipelining – and pipelining works.  Most women don’t even respond to the text…but of the % that does,  some will come inside his apartment, and some of those will “follow through” to various points.  He says he has a 11% close rate of sex from phone #s, and I believe it.  He also overcomes objections (a sales concept) on many women who initially refuse to give a phone #.

Check PUMA’s blog (by clicking on her name above) for her post on Janka.  I originally met her at Style’s book signing, and she blogged that as well.

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