Was at a four floor Cinco De Mayo event (social game)  last night sponsored by a latin organization.  Was mostly latinas.  Later on (after the free food) it became dance club energy level environment.

At one point “The Real World Lothario” stopped me as I passed him (he was in a 2-set – a group of 2 girls)…and pointed me to his target with an opener about limes (she had a corona).  She was ok looking but I wasn’t attracted so I’d occupy her but she wouldn’t be a target.  her body was completely turned into her friend…and i needed to mini-isolate her; it was really loud (dance floor level) so I positioned my body away from her (to my right) and talked into her left ear (my right) again and again. I kept leaning back out after talking in her ear and when I came bck in, I kept talking further to the right (but still in to her ear).  By doing this, I slowly turned her (I was kinoing (touching) her too) until she had her back to her friend (and Lothario) and was also very into me.  Opening her body language opened her up a bit (as did the attention and game).  And now, he had his target all to himself without the obstacle interfering.

Earlier, Penny was there but she was in a shy mood so wasn’t doing a good job pivoting.  Shelly, Echo_Girl, and PUMA (I’ll mention her blog later) work better.

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