Shelly and I are both trying this Jewish online matchmaking service.  It’s cheaper than Jdate…and I know someone on it who likes it.

The matchmakers say that they are about quality matches over quantity…so they make few matches (a problem).  You come up on their client rotation once a week, but I keep in touch with mine, so she looks in on me a bit more.  in 2 weeks…she has made 4 match suggestions. Unacceptible.  Plus, we spoke on the phone and she really isn’t listening to me and what (such as not being really far away) or what or I am attracted to.   I probably need to switch to another matchmaker (I know which one of the otehr 4 looks better) although the new matchmaker would still suggest about the same # of matches from the same pool.  She might suggest better matches.

This site will not do well…suggesting a couple of matches a week.  Matchmeker mentality without being a good enough matchmaker to pull off quality over quantity matches.  Don’t waste your time.  I don’t recommend the service.  I have a couple of months left there, so I will update if things change.

The match suggestions so far:

#1:  I already had a date scheduled for that night w/her. 😉  From Speeddating.  Not a bad suggestion on her part though.

#2: good (not great) looking girl. I accepted.  She declined.

#3:  I declined. Problem with her not meeting distance (wasn’t terrible like the matches Shelley is given in farther places like Boston and NYC).  Also, a larger problem with physical type requrements.  My requirements aren’t terrible and are listed within my (matchmaker only) area of profile.  One picture of this match is terrible. This is both the matchmaker slacking and not listening to me.

#4:  I Accepted, now it’s up to her.  Not my physical type  but not terrible.  She didn’t list her physical type correctly, so I can’t really blame the matchmaker.  I’ll give her a shot.  Let’s see if she accepts.  One picture of hers is bad.

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