Street approach: 10pm – light drizzle

Tonight, Lolth (a cutie, and geeks will get the name reference) called me and asked if her brother could ask me game questions. I said sure and she put him on.  He asked about situational openers.  I was walking up to a corner where an Cutie Latina was waiting for the light to change. There were no cars anywhere and it was a small street.  I passed her and opened situational so bro could hear.

“It’s ok to cross on red if a New Yorker goes first.”

She starts to cross behind me.

“This way…if a car hits you from behind…the NY’er will get away.” 🙂

We start talking…i ask if she goes to the grad school 2 blocks away (she does) and what she is studying and told her which degree I did there several years ago. (Similar degrees).  I switched her to Spanish (she was Latina) and asked where she was from and used some Spanish Banter. I’ve been to the Spanish city her dad is from…and she’ll be there next week.  Told a little story about the food of the city and qualified her a bit on food.  Then i realized she was at her car (this was all only a 3 block walk so went quickly…maybe 3-4 minutes) and I did all I had time for; I would have liked to SOI (Statement of Intent – tell her she is sexy orsuch) and run more identity stuff.

Moment of truth. ” Hey…you like sangria? We should get sangria when you get back.”  She said yes, so I took her #.

So…Lolth’s brother got a phone demo of game beginning to end. 🙂

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