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Discovering Knowledge (DK)

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

So, DK is a Master Hypnotist (I like to joke that it is because he says so) and I was once in the room when he taught how to do the October Man NLP sequence (the light version – not the dangerous one).  While I was in the room and I myself will never use the sequence…I’m excited that the 500MB video was just made available.  I downloaded a copy, and can watch it, and get a better understanding of how it works.  And…its DK presenting!  

I’m tempted to invite him to where I’m cooking tonight (a friend’s house) but its “Chili Pepper Night” and he doesn’t eat spicy food.

On Being Social

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

I approached two women looking at a menu outside a restaurant a few nights ago.  I wasn’t attracted to either of them…but I asked and teased them about the restaurant and chatted a bit.  “Big Shot” watched.  Then their extremely hot friend joined them, I switched to her, and Big Shot came in and talked to the original two girls (he was smooth and occupied them without a problem).  The Hottie had an amazing personality and we talked about food, culture, and travel, and I got her #.  I had just passed the two girls because I wasn’t into them…I would not have met the hottie.

The lesson here is that being social is fun – you can make friends and expand your social circle, and you can meet their friends as well.  I talk to people everywhere including people who work in stores (and restaurants and bars)…and I make connections and often get free stuff and better treatment that way.

Also, when you are being social, other people notice and want to talk to you as well.

Connecting With Others

Friday, May 15th, 2009

May= Mental Health Month.  This info on how to connect With Others is a good read.

J Retromatch Update

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

So, I switched matchmakers and talking to my new one of the phone.  She flaked on the 2 previous appointments.

What I found out?

All the matchmakers are in Israel so there is a major time difference.  Their network here in DC is tiny. With me haveing previously dated or befriended 4 girls, approved 3 (2 declined me), declined a few, approved and went on a date with one…and not being open to outside the DC area…there isn’t much else she can do.  She has one mor match to send me and then she will see if anyone new pops up.  And, I do standards she has to meet when matching. 

This matchmaker is definitely better than the old one so let’s see what happens.

Body Language Test

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
Washington Post Express 05/07/09

Washington Post Express 05/07/09

Which bartenders are most comfortable in this pic and why? 

Which bartenders are the least comfortable and why?

It’s a shame I only have such a small online pic.

A post by PUMA about Girl Candy and myself

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

I met PUMA at the Neil Strauss book signing for “Emergency” a couple of months ago, and she has posted both about our meeting and her experiences pivoting for me (pivot=wing girl).  Her focus is applying PUA tactics to sales and marketing.

This post of hers not only shows the important of focus and having goals, but also shows how important it is to be able to read body language and IOIs.  GC didn’t realize how well he was doing…and PUMA didn’t see the signs until I pointed them out.



The Power of Focus by PUMA

“Man–she was all over you.”

“She was?”

“Girl Candy, the woman had her hands between her legs, pressing against her thighs. She was looking for someone to f^%$ and that someone was you.”


“So what’s your plan? Do you want to take her home?”

“I don’t know…”

“Do you want her phone number?”


“Are you going to ask her out? Are you going to take her home? What are you going to do?”

This was the conversation between Girl Candy and Cuisine, his coach.

Girl Candy seemed excited, but confused.

A few minutes earlier he had pulled me over to pivot for him as he approached these two HBs (hot babes). One thing about Girl Candy–he has no fear, none of the approach anxiety that paralyzes so many newbies. But then, Girl Candy isn’t exactly a newbie. When Cuisine first told me about him, he said that he is very good, but not a PUA. I had hung out with him twice before, but I had never seen him operate.

Now I understand that he is naturally good with women (attractive and exotic, so that helps, too), but he doesn’t know technique. For example, he doesn’t know how to use a pivot.

So Girl Candy pulled me over to the bar next to these two girls. We laughed about nothing and he “accidentally” bumped into one of them (good move!). Then in a few minutes, he went over to them and opened the set. At first, they busted his balls pretty well and were quite rude. It didn’t phase him and he kept on. Eventually one of the girls turned her back and left the conversation. I stood there like a third wheel.

I kept looking around for Cuisine and tried to think of a reason to leave, but Girl Candy kept bringing me back into the set. The target was still being pretty demanding/rude to him, clearly demonstrating her power. If Girl Candy could put her in her place, he’d be golden, but I was afraid he was just being evasive and failing.

Finally, Cuisine rescued me. He pulled me out of the set and as we stood there he continued to watch them over my shoulder. I told Cuisine I was afraid Girl Candy wasn’t doing very well, but Cuisine begged to differ.

“Are you kidding me? She is IOIing him like crazy! Her hands are all over her throat. Now her hands are all over her thighs.” It must have started after I got pulled out, because I didn’t see any of that–and I pride myself on being good at reading body language (when I pay attention). All I saw was her pushing him around.

But would Girl Candy pull the trigger?

Cuisine took me to another part of the bar where we talked and waited.

Girl Candy finally came over and we debriefed–hence the above conversation between the two of them.

Cuisine kept pushing him–“You could do anything with that girl right now–what do you want to do? What’s your goal?”

He didn’t know. He didn’t even know who his target was when he opened the set, and he certainly didn’t have a planned outcome.

He said, “I just want to see how it flows.”

That’s the difference between a PUA and everyone else. A PUA has a plan. A PUA is focussed. A PUA knows in advance what he’s going to do and does it. It doesn’t work with every girl (Cuisine later got a major blowout from an attractive Asian girl–I think, like me, he gets a kick out of getting people to smile when they look sour or distracted; unfortunately, her expression of boredom (and disgust?) never changed.), but it works.

A PUA has a system. They follow the system, they leave as little as possible to chance, and they get laid.

Girl Candy, on the other hand, like so many other guys, flies by the seat of his pants–a point that Cuisine would emphasize over and over throughout the course of the evening.

PUMA – Re:Paul Janka

Friday, May 8th, 2009

PUMA called me last night to ask about Pual Janka’s ebook.  I had recommended it…since her business (and blog) have to do with adapting Pickup tactics to sales and marketing, and the daygame environment -Janka’s preffered environment- and the use of  concepts like “movie trailer” and “pipelining” are definitely applicable.

PUMA:  “I Can’t imagine…do women really come back to men’s apartments that easily?”

Me: “Yes.  They want to get caught up in the moment like anyone else.”

Puma: “But they met him for 90 seconds, and based on texting (he doens’t call) they meet him at his apartment.”

Me:  “He is attractive & Harvard educated, has strong game, and is pipelining – and pipelining works.  Most women don’t even respond to the text…but of the % that does,  some will come inside his apartment, and some of those will “follow through” to various points.  He says he has a 11% close rate of sex from phone #s, and I believe it.  He also overcomes objections (a sales concept) on many women who initially refuse to give a phone #.

Check PUMA’s blog (by clicking on her name above) for her post on Janka.  I originally met her at Style’s book signing, and she blogged that as well.

Dating Humor for Math Nerds

Friday, May 8th, 2009
xkcd-loud-sex1I think Knack will enjoy this one. :)

I think Knack will enjoy this one. 🙂 I get it! ;) I get it! ;)LJBF. How to become an Orbiter. LOL.

statistical boyfriendLJBF. How to become an Orbiter. LOL.

Jretromatch update

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Apparently, my matchmaker has made attempted 2 matches to women on my behalf, and other matchmakers made 3.  So, I’m waiting for their responses to see how bad the matches are. 🙂  At least they are trying to match me up.  One of the three from another matchmaker was horrible:

#5:  (Other matchmaker) I declined: Just plain bad match.  Age and physical match are off.

Puke vs. Jizz, you decide.

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I found this on Datingish – where you can always get the teen take on dating (i.e OMG I would never try that) but you can give them credit on this one.  Fine, the actual writers are in their early twenties, and they do have code names (i.e. Ms Giraffe).  🙂

The “Jizz in My Pants” youtube video has a female response:

I’m with the men on that one. 🙂